Command Central

This may look like a somewhat nerdy wet dream, but it is in fact the reality of my office, with my graphics quality LaCie screen and the Mac's white keyboard on the left and the ThinkPad with an external, black keyboard on the right. (It's true; Apple does design right.) You're looking at my bread-and-butter, and at what is Command Central for the next couple of weeks.

For the next two weeks, I will be the only one in Customer Reception, as we call it. Our department is currently eight people: Four work downstairs in what is basically the basement (but with windows facing a parking lot), with printing presses, binding, finishing and photocopying, and four work upstairs on the top floor doing graphic design, photocopying, ordering and billing - and receiving the customers.

I was a bit shocked to discover that I was going to be completely alone upstairs for the next two weeks, while my co-workers take their vacations. The shock wore off. I am not worried. I figure I will manage just fine and even have some fun. I just hope I have time to finish all the projects still in progress! Everybody else has to hand off stuff before they leave on their vacations so I have a big pile of stuff waiting for me, off-camera.

I see that I have accidentally done a good job of interior decorating since my keyboards now match up with the oversized silk roses that break up the huge space that is my window (covered by blinds, and no, I have no view to speak of). Oh, and the orchid in my window sill is still alive and thriving, partly because I moved it to the window sill. I finally figured out how to keep an orchid alive!


Paula said…
That is not a proper workspace: where is the coffee cup and empty package of cookies??

Good luck with the recepting!
Anonymous said…
It makes me wonder what the color of my desk top is. So when do YOU get to go on vacation?
Keera Ann Fox said…
Thanks, Paula! Now, to answer your question:

The coffee cup (which is a humongous souvenir mug from San Francisco) is off-camera as are my bowl of trail mix. I keep my stash of chocolate in a drawer. But gawd help me, I discovered the cappuccino machine at work...

Jon, I get my three weeks in three weeks, as planned. :-)
SolSionnach said…
Lovely workspace, Keera. The only thing needed is a view of the mountains, or the ocean. (should I say fjord?)

I hope my clinic has as nice of workspaces eventually... I'm sharing with a friend right now, and I *don't* like the way it's set up currently. Share and Share alike, after all... ;)
Keera Ann Fox said…
My boss is across the hall and I can see a mountain through his window (and recently, baby gulls walking on the roof; they nest outside our windows). The blinds are almost always closed on my window to keep a steady light (since I retouch photographs).

Don't hope; plan. Put the thought out that you are getting the workspace that is perfect for you and your clients. :-)

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