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Wordless Wednesday - One fjord, two moods

Ayers Rock impersonation

Twilight zone

Looking north by northwest at 11:18 pm. We don't have midnight sun at 60 degrees north. We have midnight twilight. The pink blush moves from northwest to north to northeast. I love this time of year!

The new job

My Daily Tarot app gave me Four of Wands today.
"[I]t's time to celebrate your accomplishments. You've had success in your journey. Take time to honor your hard work." Indeed it is. I have spent two weeks learning nothing but new things: All the various computer systems my company uses for back office sales support, and some of the tasks to be done with them. Today I verified "no claims" bonuses.

Yes, I am finally working with insurance. After 31 years at the insurance company, I am finally learning what coverages are allowed with a leased car. I finally actually have to know that stuff. And I am having the time of my life learning it!

My poor noggin was exhausted every single day for over week, being crammed with new information every single day. I'm still getting used to that. I also sit in front of a computer in a different way than with the graphic designing. Can't quite explain it. Maybe it's just all the thinking I have to do. At any rate,…

That Easter thingy

A struggling friend reminded me of a situation I was in the autumn after my dear grandma died. Re-reading that gave me a surprise: I'd forgotten how down I was then. I remember crying during the meeting with my bosses, but I don't remember taking sick days and waking up angry every day.

But yes, it all ended up well, better than expected, and yesterday, as I told a potential boss about my strengths and weaknesses during a job interview, I could honestly say I didn't lose my cool with customers or co-workers any more. "I have no reason to be angry at work," I said.


Today, I woke up feeling pretty good, and I mused on the messages in the book I am currently re-reading (here is a description of my first read), and my praying to the Holy Spirit yesterday, and that the interview went swimmingly—personality test and all—and it hit me: I didn't second-guess myself after it was over. I usually find some fault with how I interact with people after the fact, but…