Mar 24, 2008


March can't make up its mind. It spent all of Easter Sunday snowing. Gently, consistently. This morning we woke up to smooth, untouched, beautiful, powdery snow, glittering in the sunshine. Said sunshine has been making the apartment warmer than usual. Feels good. Feels like...the end of winter! Oh, yes! The season where we don't turn on all the heat even though the tourists are freezing their nummynums off is soon upon us! (Which means I have to start shaving my legs again. Oh, well, can't win 'em all.) So I'm feeling hopeful and cheerful in spite of a fresh blanket of wintery goodness.

As evidence of the sun rising on Easter (or second day thereof) I give you yet another view out my kitchen window:

Sorry about the quality. The batteries on my other camera were dead and by the time they were recharged, the light had shifted. And speaking of rechargables, I've read somebody else's blogpost that explains why going for the batteries that with the most milliamp hours may not give you the longevity you want in a charge: "It turns out [that] that massive 2500mAh capacity of the Energizer rechargeable battery doesn't mean much when the battery drains itself within a month."

And this little article explains that all the batteries in a camera should have the same mAh values, else the lesser one will drain the others. I didn't know that. When I go to buy new rechargables, I'll get 8 matching ones that hold around 2000 mAh each. The old rechargables can power my alarm clock and TV remote.


Sparkling Red said...

I am jealous of the view from your kitchen window! It's beautiful.

Keera Ann Fox said...

I've never thought of the bit of lawn and trees in the quad between four apartment buildings had bragging rights, but you're right: It is a beautiful view.

Sparkling Red said...

I spent a lot of time living places where my "view" was of a brick wall. An open space surrounded by trees is paradise, by comparison! ;-)

Keera Ann Fox said...

Well, actually, I do have a view of a brick wall. ;-) See the brick wall to the left of the cherry tree on this page? That's the view through my living room window.