Mar 27, 2008

More snow

All of winter has decided to show up after the vernal equinox, apparently. As I left the grocery store this afternoon, it started to snow. Again. It has been gently snowing since (four hours and counting).

I looked out my living room window and got rather fascinated by the snow settling on the street lamp outside my building.

Those pretty flames in the lower left of the photo are one candle I have lit reflecting in my double-glaze window.

An hour after I took this photo, I heard a thump at my kitchen window. Kids had thrown a snowball at it. I then heard a softer whump outside my living room window. The snow had slipped off the street lamp.

UPDATE: The snow has stopped. As I go around my living room, turning off lights, I look out the window at a white world, magically lit by the street lamp and the windows of the surrounding apartments.


Sparkling Red said...

Pretty picture! At least the snow has give you some opportunities for good photos. :-)

max said...

Those are som really gorgeous pictures. You have snow, but you have way better snow than we do!

['So there's that.']

Keera Ann Fox said...

Spark, that's what I realized, too, so I grabbed my camera.

Max, we'd rather have this snow for, say, Christmas. :-)