Mar 1, 2008

Let's pretend today is my day off, 'K?

...Because I haven't got a thing to say except that I downloaded the audio version of "Start Late, Finish Rich". Let's see if I get really daring and actually buy *gasp* stock!

(I can't believe I'm now in the "middle-aged" target group. How and when did that happen???)


Sparkling Red said...

The stock market is scary. I read a couple of books on investing this past year and all they did was convince me to keep my money in GIC's and government-insured savings accounts.

Keera Ann Fox said...

I'm told that the stock market requires mainly money you can afford to do without and a long-term perspective. But I got distracted by reading a free Neil Gaiman book online (and I'm enjoying it), so financial advice will have to wait. :-)