Mar 6, 2008

I was one of the lucky ones

All that snow-drama I experienced yesterday turned out to be peanuts compared to what happened to some other people. Today's newspapers could tell us that yesterday's meteorological chaos was the worst since the 1970's. Well, no wonder some busses never came, and some people were forced to walk home, and some parents never got to deliver their kids to the daycare center (which may explain yesterday's cold and wet father and son).

So I was truly one of the lucky ones. My move through life and traffic flowed easily and quickly - relatively speaking.

In other news, I've started taking the nasty-tasting pills my acupuncturist gave me. Aspirin is bitter but this stuff is worse than bitter and it doesn't matter where I place the pills on my tongue - this incredibly nasty taste spreads through my whole mouth. But it's having an effect. The acupuncturist said that I would probably re-visit earlier physical problems in reverse order (like last in, first out). She was right. I'm feeling feverish and queasy now. Sheesh!

It had better be gone tomorrow because I have a party to go to tomorrow evening.


Sparkling Red said...

Ah yes, the downside of natural medicine. Healing crisis or detox and all that jazz. So often you have to feel worse before you feel better. I hope it passes quickly.

Keera Ann Fox said...

Still feeling it. Of course, a wild night with lots of booze probably didn't help. ;-)