Mar 11, 2008

Bloggie Award winners have been announced

I'm not necessarily in touch with everyone else so I did not pick all the winners. I did pick some winners, though:

  • best web application for weblogs Blogger.
  • best canadian weblog - The Redneck Mommy I enjoy this blog so it'll continue to be a regular read.
  • best photography of a weblog - I Can Has Cheezburger This has become a "Why didn't I check this out before???" because it makes me laugh. Out loud. For real. I Can Has A Noo Addikshun.
  • best art or craft weblog - Post Secret It's as fascinating as a train wreck so I still read it.
  • best fashion weblog - Go Fug Yourself Yeah, I got hooked looking at the people who have stylists look no better than I do. I still read.
  • best gossip weblog - Dlisted So I picked a winner. I gave up reading it after a couple of weeks.
  • best teen weblog - Sarcastica I'm losing interest, but blame my age, not her writing.
  • best writing of a weblog - Confessions of a Pioneer Woman This one has become one of my favorites. For those of you who like to read about food, check out The Pioneer Woman Cooks (which won a Bloggie, too). I'm actually trying her Asian noodle salad.
  • lifetime achievement - Dooce No surprise there.

I monitored my picks for a while. Here are the ones not mentioned above that I voted for and now have as regular reads, Bloggie or not:

  • best australian or new zealand weblog - Tokyo Girl Down Under. I read all of her archives. We'll see how long I stay with her now that she's distracted by her arms. (She got MS.)
  • best european weblog - Iceland Weather Report Still reading this one, partly because I keep learning about Iceland and a few other things.
  • best americanUS weblog - Lifehacker I pick and choose which posts to read.
  • best food weblog - Gluten Free Girl Gluten Free Girl is still a good writer, but I haven't tried a single dish. She's still in my feed.
  • best sports weblog - Up In Alaska This blog got me totally hooked. You have got to read about this woman's biking the Iditarod Trail Invitational.
  • best topical weblog - The Consumerist I've kept this in my feed but I pick and choose which posts to read.
  • most humorous weblog - Cute Overload Still my personal addiction.
  • best group weblog - The Consumerist See above.
  • best-kept secret weblog - That Night Still reading. May keep doing so.


Sravana said...

If you like lolcats, may I recommend the fledgling loldogs?

There's a pic on the front page right now that I really don't like - the one titled "fail" - but overall it's pretty funny.

Thanks for reminding me of lolcats. Gotta bookmark that one. It goes along w/Cute Overload for making me smile. Gawd knows we all need *that* sometimes!

I'm going to surf some of your other linkeys as well. (as though I DON'T ALREADY SPEND ENOUGH TIME ONLINE!!!)


Sparkling Red said...

I can has cheezeburger is my Valium, my Prozac, and my Laughing Gas. Cute Overload is my sugar fix.

Keera Ann Fox said...

Sravana, be grateful I culled a few. And thanks for the LOLdog!

Spark, that's exactly how it is for me, too.

chanpheng said...

Thanks for the links to the blogs. I always wondered what the "I can has cheezberger" thing was all about. I'm such a cultural illiterate (about my birth culture, that is)

Keera Ann Fox said...

Chanpheng, some things get very US-centric and lost on me. I keep some of my own cultural illiteracy at bay by reading Consumerist, and a thing called Comics I Don't Understand. It does help that Norwegian TV is basically American TV with subtitles. :-)