Mar 25, 2008


I have the day off work tomorrow. I have one Wednesday off a month (by choice), and it is usually the first Wednesday of the month. This time, I'm taking my Wednesday off tomorrow, a week ahead of schedule. My boss is very pleased with my decision, which I made after everyone else but him had gone home for the day, meaning it was a last minute and impulsive change of plans.

I told my boss that fortunately, I enjoy looking forward to surprises, so I did not open the file "Keera - song" on his computer, but he could hide such things a bit better.

He then told me that his computer (on which he stores a database of all our work) and the departmental coffee breaks - both the 9 am and 1 pm one - were off-limits to me tomorrow and Thursday. I wasn't even to be wandering past the downstairs breakroom since one can hear through the door.

I told him he'd have to tie me down because I've never been one to follow orders very well. He laughed in agreement.

That's when I suggested that since I'm unwanted, I may as well take my Wednesday off tomorrow.

He lit up. "Yes! Do that!"

So while my wonderful co-workers are rehearsing some whacky song about me and who knows what else (they are practical jokers), I'll work on my speech tomorrow, I guess. I had some ideas falling asleep last night.


chanpheng said...

Have a nice day off!

Keera Ann Fox said...

Thanks, Chanpheng! It'll be another day of lovely sun and snow, so a walk is planned. :-)

Sparkling Red said...

I'm looking forward to hearing how the song turns out. :-)

Keera Ann Fox said...

So am I. :-)