Feb 5, 2007


My department decided to have a walking competition. My boss happened to mention the idea to his boss, and next thing we know, all the departments in our division are having a walking competition. Pedometers have been purchased and handed out and we started officially this morning at 9 am.

I therefore took the long way home, that is, detoured around Ortuvann. The weather was crisp and clear and no rain was forecast, so I expected a nice walk.

I was rather fascinated by the light and the white. I saw a swan sleeping in the water, too. And then it started to hail - fine, little grains.

I have never been bare-headed or without an umbrella when it hails before, so I made a new discovery: It tickles my scalp.

I stopped by the local grocery store and bought milk and made another discovery: Hail in hair melts and drips everywhere.


gekko said...

Walkies are a great way to live in the now

Paula said...

I used to love walking in Chicago. Here, only on the ellipticals. :)

alice said...

That photo takes my breath away! I'm impressed that you were able to find a great shot when the light is so less-than-ideal. I'm so glad you got that camera!

Keera Ann Fox said...

Gekko, that is so true. Nothing roots me more to the moment than being absorbed in what I experience on my walks.

Paula, I used to walk where I lived in L.A. Sidewalks aren't as nice as a gravel trail, but walking's always pleasant.

Alice, that's actually my cameraphone. It tends to have a blue cast. I need to adjust that photo to do the light justice. The light was an odd rust-color.

Jeff K said...

I'd much rather walk than run, as far as excercise goes. Walking is leisurely, it's sensory... it's all of the things you described. It's exercise without feeling like exercise. But running? Man, I only run if someone's chasing me.

Keera Ann Fox said...

Likewise. But as they say, you never see a jogger smile. ;-)

Sravana said...

I got a pedometer a while back, it's depressing. They had a promotion at my health club (that I never go to). Evidently people who take 6000 steps/day weigh something like 35% more than folks who take 10000.

Let's just say that the day before a bit test, I generally take about 3000. So, I've gained weight in school!

Keera Ann Fox said...

What I heard yesterday was that overweight people walk up to 3000 steps a day, and slender people up to 7000. If you want to lose weight, you have to go beyond 7000. I walk about 4-5000 on workdays, what with walking to and from and at work. Now I'm taking the stairs more, leaving the elevator alone, and that adds steps (as well as good exercise for lungs, butt and knees). The goal is to get to a five-digit count per day. Haven't made it yet, but just doubling what I normally do, helps.