Feb 8, 2007

Walkies IV

I took my walk in the cold a bit later than my other walks so far this week and was therefore out and about when the street lamps on the foot path came on.

In other news: Yesterday was the first day this winter that all of Norway had freezing temperatures. I remind you that yesterday was in February. Not January or December or even November. But now the meteorologists claim winter is here to stay. And although the cold bites at my cheek and chins, and toes and fingers, I don't mind the clear skies and white on the ground. Beats gray skies and rain.

Swan update: Still can't tell what kind of swan it is, but it's somewhat grayish on head and upper neck, so I'm thinking it's still adolescent. It looked at all the mallards going nuts over 4 pieces of bread, but did not come over to investigate. That makes me assume the bird is wild and not an escapee from a city park.


Sravana said...

re: the late winter
It's been a really late winter in the US, too... and right now the Midwest (Chicago, Minneapolis) is in a DEEP FREEZE (people have died!), and the upstate NY area are seeing lots and LOTS of snow.

Though it's 53F in Austin (and 24F here in St. Louis where I am currently).

I'm wondering what March and April are going to be like...

Keera Ann Fox said...

Probably better. :-)