Feb 7, 2007

Walkies III

I live behind this building, up to the right. The long steep slope is a favorite for the local kids to sled on, and a light is set up so they can continue to play after dark (which comes early in winter). This was taken just before 6 pm. Currently, sunset is around 5 pm.

I am taking walks around the pond every day on my way home so I can get some pedometer action, and it is rather nice to walk the same stretch and see something different each day. Today I saw a black dog in a bright yellow reflective vest, rolling himself in white snow. I found out why shopping carts likely end up in the pond, far away from the grocery stores: One teen boy in the cart being pushed by his buddy. Not going too fast on the icy path, but fun enough.

I saw the swan again, too, closer to shore, but now it was too dark for me to see it clearly, anyway. That bird is staying a mystery.


Mark said...

"I saw the swan again, too, closer to shore"

Was Bjork's boob attached to it???

Keera Ann Fox said...

For the bird's sake, I hope not. I do believe the swan Bjørk wears is dead (or fake).