Feb 9, 2007

Two more linkages

I've been reading Archer's blog LawyerWorldLand and Dawn's blog Tiny Voices In My Head for quite a while, but haven't linked to them until now.

No, don't thank me. Several blogs in my blogroll have not been updated since I added them.

No, I'm not the spawn of the Devil.

Yes, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.


Mark said...

Dawn rocks. And she designs a kickass website!

Keera Ann Fox said...

She does, on both counts.

What I find some of my favorite blogs have in common is that they often have an over-the-top style of telling a story. Unlike me. So I guess it's true that opposites attract. Actually, I get a little shock reading that sort of stuff and go away feeling very sane...uhm, did I say that out loud?