Feb 11, 2007

Ortuvann Feb 11 2007

I got a late start and took a shorter walk. I find that having to walk (because of the departmental competition) is annoying. Oh, well, I did get off my butt and move some. Result:

  • Heaps of mallards
  • Smaller heap of wigeons
  • A half dozen black coots
  • One swan
  • Half dozen blackbirds
  • Townfull of crows
  • Handfull of magpies
  • Two European robins
  • One brown rat (it looked at me like I was the most disgusting creature it had ever seen; where would it get such an idea?)

The seagulls were probably out to sea. More open water there.


alice said...

Pretty snow!

Mark said...

Seagulls tend to move inland when a storm is brewing off the coast. That's one way you can tell without watching TV.

Tuning in to nature is pretty cool, actually. It's amazing how much we can deduce when we really start paying attention.

Mark said...

Speaking of paying attention, I just noticed the word you used:


I can't find it listed in the online MW, and I've never heard it used that way before. It sounds archaic, in a cool way.


Keera Ann Fox said...

Alice, that's snow-covered frozen lake.

Mark, we have a regular land-based seagull colony where I live, but they leave in the wintertime when the lake freezes. At other times, seagulls from the coast will come farther inland if there is a storm at sea.

I made "townful" up and it's missing an L, I see, because it is full like in "handfull", not ful like in "beautiful". (All fixed.)