Wordless Wednesday - An afternoon's knitting

Wordless Wednesday


Elyrest said…
Keera - I can't quite figure out what you are knitting or even how you are knitting it, but I don't care. For some reason it's a very restful photo. It may be the play between the shades of blue and white or the organic feel of the knitting - or most likely a combination. Nice!

Keera Ann Fox said…
Thanks, Ellen! Now to answer your questions:

What: A scarf. How: The piece of yarn in the front. It's actually a sort of wool ribbon and you knit in the loops along the top (they look black and white in the photo), only every second one. So it's fast and easy and produces an amazing effect. How easy? I haven't knitted since the 80's and did this in one Saturday. ;-)

I got up to get a glass of water and came back to the photo - and realized it looked like water reflecting sky and clouds. Maybe that's why it seems restful?
alice said…
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-D

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