Jan 7, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Last Christmas

Wordless Wednesday Bryggen, Bergen


Amanda said...

Hi from Australia. I love your photo - it's a heatwave here and seeing snow on the ground relieves me! What an interesting combination of old and contemporary... the tallships and freighter, the buildings left and right, the modern signpost on what looks like old wooden planks.
I like your site, particularly your affirmations page - very helpful.
Happy New Year Keera and blessings to you.

Protege said...

This looks completely like it could have been taken in Copenhagen.;))
The slushing snow is so typical of this season.;)
However, I love the view of the blue skies and the boats; it is a very typical view from a Scandinavian harbor.;)

Jon said...

I have never seen Bryggen in winter. It still looks inviting. Even using my tractor I am running out of space to put the almost constant snowfall we have been getting this winter.

alice said...

Oooh! -- gorgeous! It embiggens nicely!

Keera Ann Fox said...

Hi, Amanda, and welcome! I'm glad our pathetic snowfall gives you relief. (Our current weather conditions are causing record bone breakage, unfortunately.) I'm glad to hear my affirmations page is helpful!

Protege, slush it is. It even makes the sound "slush" when I walk. :-)

Jon, Bryggen is charming all year round.

Alice, "gorgeous" is what I thought, too, when I came around the corner and caught sight of this view.

Paula Light said...

It looks sad to me, not sure why. It is a great photo though.

Gal Friday said...

I like knowing it is Christmas when you took that photo. It explains the absense of any paople around(everyone celebrating at home)

Keera Ann Fox said...

Paula, maybe it look sad because of something Gal Friday noticed: Hardly any people.

The picture was taken a week ago, on a regular Saturday (but in Scandinavia, Christmas decorations are usually left up till Twelfth Day).

I'll tell you why there were so few people on what should be a crowded day: They'd all taken a long weekend off.