Jan 16, 2009

Why, of course!

With a nod to Protege, who did this first:

Your Word is "Why"
You see life as complicated and intriguing. The only thing you know for sure is that you haven't figured it all out yet.
You question everything and believe very little. And whatever you believe is likely to change.

You are interested in theories, philosophies, and religions... even if you don't buy into any of them.
You are also fascinated by how things work. You'd like to understand as much in the world as possible.

It all fits (me) perfectly. After all, "why?" is the question associated with Sagittarians. ;-)


Protege said...

How interesting!;)
Even if I do not know you very well, from the time I have spent reading your blog I think this is ABSOLUTELY your word!;))
Happy to have inspired you to post this.;))

NicoleB said...

Grin, why does this not surprise me;)

I'll be going to find my word now, but I'm almost sure I already know which one it will be ;)

Living in 17th century Europe - would have been burned as a witch most likely ;)

Surprise, my word is "fearless".
But then again, the options given were not exactly what my choices would have been, but close.

Thanks for the fun!

Jon said...

Mine was "peace" I'm a Leo. Does that make sense?

Keera Ann Fox said...

Thanks again, Protege!

Nicole, it suits you, because one has to be fearless to willingly move from country to country.

Jon, Leos are proud, not aggressive, so why not?