Jan 31, 2008


Tuva. What a pretty name for a so-called "extreme weather phenomenon" (Norway's meteorologists have a list of nice Norse names to pick from when naming storms). "Extreme weather" can mean a storm bad enough to warn people and keep you from taking that boating trip, but no hurricane. Where I live, it'll just be another case of bad weather. Same old, same old. The full force of the storm is headed for the southern tip of Norway.

The wind's been pretty high here all morning, but now it's eased up. The sort of weather that makes it extra nice to be safe and warm and indoors. They say that the extra precipitation from the storm may come as snow. That would be nice because the snow that came yesterday is already gone.

Ah, wind's picking up again. Now, let's see that thunderstorm that's predicted. After all, Tuva is a female name based on Tor, the Norse god of thunder and lightning.


Sravana said...

Very dramatic pic there, Keera.
You stay warm!

Today we had howling dry winds all day - and now it's still and we're expecting freezing temps tonight.

Sparkling Red said...

There's a big storm coming to Toronto tomorrow. But I'm already counting down the days until spring.

Anonymous said...

interesing, my cousin named his daughter, Tuva.

Keera Ann Fox said...

I got blasted by a cold wind coming home, but no rain, and I have a good coat.

It's too early to look forward to spring here. It is barely February; winter's just getting started. More snow today.