Jan 8, 2008

Political choices

I started to get carried away replying to my own blog comments, so I had to make a decision and a link loop. I must be under the influence of:


  • SV = Socialist Left
  • H√łyre = Right (anything but left)
  • Ap = Labor (left-winged, but not always progressive, as you can see)
  • KrF = Christian People's Party (and of course "go forth and multiply"-friendly)
  • RV is the party now called Red (see the beforementioned comments) and that sign makes them self-explanatory
  • FrP (Progressive Party) wants "Do Not Enter" at all of Norway's borders. Of course, the other interpretation of the sign - "Wrong Way In" rather describes all the other politics of the party
  • Venstre = Left and maybe the other way, no back, er, up… Wait, where were we? Are we still running for office?
  • And finally, Senterpartiet = Center Party, the favorite of farmers and people who don't like commies, capitalists or consumers - unless they're buying the farmers' products.

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