Jan 20, 2008

Photo meme

About a month ago, Paula did this meme, and now it's my turn.

The rules are:
1) For each question, type the answer into Google search. (I use Google image search, safe mode "off".)
2) Post a picture from the first results page.

  1. Age at next birthday
  2. A place I'd like to travel (according to some Americans, this is Korea or maybe Iraq)
    Aussie map
  3. My favorite place (high desert)
    high desert
  4. My favorite object (duh!)
  5. My favorite food (spaghetti!!!)
  6. My favorite animal (cat, not human!)
    huge photoshopped cat
  7. My favorite color (periwinkle blue)
    periwinkle blue swatch
  8. Town where I was born (Long Beach, CA)
    Long Beach, CA
  9. Town where I live (Bergen, Norway)
    Bergen, Norway
  10. Name of a past pet (Sammy, which gives me Sammy Winward, soap star)
    Sammy Winward
  11. First name of a past love (huh, he has an entire Swedish town named after him; he is also my boss's namesake)
    Arild, Sweden
  12. Best friend's nickname (none of my friends have nicknames)
  13. My screen name (back in the days of irc, it was FoxWoman; kafox just gives me Stephen's (!) photo from sewinggossip.com, answering someone else calling herself/himself kafox; I mean, really. Like I want to sew a faux chenille baby blanket. So not me!)
    Geisha and fox
  14. My first name (whoops, I'd better turn safe search on; great, now I am at somebody's wedding or funeral or something; let's try moderate search. Ah, much better. Keera on the right)
    Cybele and Keera
  15. My middle name (safe search gives me Lee Ann Womack)
    Lee Ann Womack
  16. My last name
  17. Bad habit of mine (biting hangnails)
    biting hangnails
  18. My first job (I don't know what title I had, but I worked a summer job at Alfred & Fabris, photographers. This picture was taken by them.)
    photo by Alfred & Fabris
  19. My grandmother's name (this is Marion Gremillot, and since her namesake was an artist, this is acceptable)
    Marion Gremillot
  20. My college major (psychology)
    pscyhology illustration


Sparkling Red said...

Hi Keera, guess what? I've just tagged you for another meme. ;-)

Neat photos!

Miz UV said...

I got that same photo for Ann (also my middle name). That fox is cute!! I heart foxes.

Keera Ann Fox said...

Sassy, you dear. Now I don't have to wrack my brain for my next blog post. :-)

Paula, "Ann" dates us. And I like my last name. :-)

chanpheng said...

This post really cracked me up - I was both giggling and googling! Just for that, I gave you a "You make my day award," which is on my blog!

Keep up the good blogging!

Keera Ann Fox said...

Thanks, Chanpheng! I'm glad it tickled! Now my day is made, too!