Jan 26, 2008

The definition of "local"

Paula has noted that widgets suck at local geography.

I told her that at least she's within driving distance of her supposed geographical location. There are widgets that insist I am posting from Oslo's old airport, Fornebu. Now, I know my ISP (Norway's largest because that's the way we did things back in the 90's when I first got a modem) moved in and set up shop and probably umpteen thousand servers in Fornebu, so getting a ping from that address is understandable, but I'm not in Oslo! I'm not anywhere near it! Although Oslo is technically within driving distance of Bergen (if you have 8-9 hours to spare and the road's open), it is not close. There's an entire mountain range, a fjord, and a buttload of farms between us, as well as contrasting and non-comparable weather conditions. Heck, even our accents don't match! Those folks over there in Oslo don't even talk right: They roll their R's and use a sing-song accent and mash r into s to make rsh.

Obviously, all my data arrives in your computer with good, throaty guttaral R's and no singing, and, darn it, those widgets had better show that!


Sparkling Red said...

My iMac weather widget never has as good a forecast as the local TV news station. I guess widgets have their limitations.

Sravana said...

Widget? What widget? Shud I haz widget???

Miz UV said...

I still don't know what the hell the point of those things are. "Look, I haz a visitor from Norway!"


Keera Ann Fox said...