Nov 7, 2007

Instead of writing

on my novel, I've let myself be distracted by Google sets (via Paula. The trick is to do as Paula did, and ignore Google's example of a set.

I entered "cat" and "angels" and got a list of things that fly, including "cars" (must be the DeLorean) and "Buddha". (I'm sure cat + angel = Buddha, anyway.

Entering "Norway" and "striptease" gives a surprisingly mundane list. "Dragons" and "striptease" was far more amusing, offering underwear and Disney (heh).

Your turn!


Miz UV said...

I'm buzzing from so much caffeine that I can't write now. Maybe soon it'll wear off a little. I liked Bob's idea of putting in people.

Jefe said...

"nudity" and "subway" gave me "Paris, France."

Gonna go buy a ticket now...

M said...

I wish I knew what the hell the sets were good for. Totally not getting it.

Very nice defense of Pamela, BTW. OTOH, only 17% done? The month (7.5 days now) is 25% done!

['Not that I don't totally sympathize with not doing what you're supposed to be doing.']

max said...
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Keera Ann Fox said...

Jefe, get me a ticket, too!

Max, I like the way she's kicking ass in the moderated group. ;-)