I ran into a former neighbor yesterday, picking up my new LaCie D2 Quadra, and we stood in the snow talking for a good while about the weather.

It is just about zero Celsius and snow is coming down. The first snow of the season is usually wet and fleeting, but it looks like this one is taking hold. The somewhat melted stuff of yesterday has been covered by a fresh blanket, and has turned the naked trees into models for Christmas cards. It won't stay, though. There's no freezing temperature reported for the coming days, so it'll all turn to mush and be a nuisance.

But I am happy to see it. Last year's winter wasn't. We had no freezing temperatures and no snow and no days of clear, crisp weather. For three months straight, we had rain. It is so normal to have a first snow in November that doesn't stay. So it's nice to have.

The new LaCie 500 GB external hard drive is so I can move some stuff off my tiny (umpteen songs and photos will do that) 80 GB internal hard drive. My older LaCie 160 GB d2 will find other use, I'm sure.

And I was stuck again on my novel. But instead of writing out what happens in the years in between, I decided to just fast forward and have my heroine already beaten up. Saves having to actually beat her up. Do you know how much typing that takes? Me, neither, and I don't feel like finding out. So let's see if I can get anywhere near to catching up.


Anonymous said…
It sounds lovely! We're still waiting for autumn here (to say nothing of winter)!
Keera Ann Fox said…
See, that sounds seriously like our experience last year. So I'm not envious you still have summer temps this late in the year. But I'd happily take some of your heat and put it inside my home right now.
Anonymous said…
We got a bit of rain today, but the temps are still disturbingly high. I heard one of the talking heads on the news say that retailers think the warm weather is keeping sales low so far in this Christmas (!) shopping season.
Keera Ann Fox said…
Yeah, it's funny that people in the northern hemisphere need to feel winter to think of Christmas. Always cracked me up that stores would decorate California shop windows with snowflakes and snowmen, but that's the winter association.

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