Jul 14, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Sunny side of the street

Wordless Wednesday


Tom said...

You just can't get more European than that!

I looked at the larger version of the photo and am completely lost as to the words on second-from-left building. First thought was "SILD - FISK" might mean seafood (SILD, I dunno, a name of a fish, and FISK means fish) but it doesn't look like a fishmonger's to me!

What a beautiful place though.


Zuzana said...

It has been gorgeous and sunny weather here too, true summer.;)) Lovely shot, reminds me of some streets in Sweden.;)
Have a great Wednesday,

Paula Light said...


Don't be a stranger. :)

max said...

Great picture! But what does the shady side of the street look like?

(Seriously: there are permanently shaded areas everywhere. I'm curious how much snow much be left in such places by the summertime.)


Keera Ann Fox said...

Tom, the buildings were all originally used to trade fish. Sild = herring.

Zuzana, "gamla stan" has a bit in common with Bergen. I want to see it again.

Paula, you've probably discovered I'm no stranger now. :-)

Max, we do have some permanent snow here and there in the mountains, usually deep in some bowl, which keeps the bottom mostly in the shade.

To all: Thanks for the compliments!