Feb 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - February sunset 2010

Wordless Wednesday (Here is 2009's)


Protege said...

Beautiful! The sun is returning, sunset are later and sunrises earlier. I love this time of the year actually, now if it only could get more springlike in a couple of weeks.;)
And btw, yes, I loved that book quote - very poignant and true.;)
The Trinity library in Dublin is listed as one of the 20 most beautiful ones on the page (link) mentioned in my post.;)
Have a great Wednesday!

alice said...

Ooooh! Beautiful! The contrast is a nice touch!

whitewitch said...

Breathtaking. The way the variations of the color of the skyline is broken by the branches' pattern is so artistic.

~Tim said...


Keera Ann Fox said...

Thank you all! Mother Nature did help. :-)