Oct 13, 2008

No comment

A couple of weeks ago, my ISP was the target of a massive spam attack. That choked the normal flow of e-mail and I decided to switch to a different e-mail address. What I didn't do, was correctly update the comments notification for my blog.

I thought my readers were just being silent - or really busy or whatever. I discovered today that I hadn't been forgotten. I was so tickled to see that you kept leaving comments! So, thank you!

I have now fixed my e-mail address so Blogger can notify me, and, yes, Max, there has been some water under the bridge since last we "spoke". My ballot got mailed today and I hope my vote counts.


Lora said...

"I thought my readers were just being silent"
I thought you were being silent! Hehe. It's good to see you commenting again. I like reading your readers' comments along with your replies, even if I don't comment myself.

Keera Ann Fox said...

Thanks, Lora! All is well in the universe, again. :-)