Aug 5, 2008

The sunny side of the river Nid

I'm not done with the city of Trondheim just yet. Partly because when you fill every hour with something new and fun, it feels like each hour is a whole day. So this installment is about our wandering on the sunny side of the river ("solside").

Our hotel was right on the river, at the end of Kjøpmannsgata (Merchant's Street), one bridge away from the fjord itself. I had a view of that bridge from my room; it was also a railway bridge:

We crossed the cute pedestrian and bicycle bridge, adorned with roses the whole way, and also revealed to ourselves that there is no bike culture in our own town. We took the painted symbol of a bike on the pavement to be decoration, until one two-wheeler almost ran us down. Stoopid tourists. ;-) (Trondheim has quite a few bike lanes and has also ruthlessly handed over most right-hand lanes to public transportation.)

Here is a river lock, which I assume may have been used to help ships into dry dock. My clue? The helpful lettering "dokk" on the wall behind and some old tracks still visible below water, off-picture to the left.

Old factory buildings enjoy new uses and the following day, we had delicious lunches at a place called "Dråpen" (the water drop). I had a roast beef sandwich with peanut butter and mango sauce. It was a delicious meal! (And a wasp was so thirsty, it kept trying to drink the dew off our beer glasses. I told you it was hot!)

On a lovely summer's day, I would have loved to have boated up and down the river (we didn't see anyone actually do that, though, except for one canoer), but boating out in the fjord would have been nice, too. There certainly were enough boats!

We passed a newer car bridge (Bakke bro, i.e. Hill Bridge; see photo directly above) and wandered between old working class houses until we found the old bridge. My comment about these houses: "Oh, look, their roofs point the wrong way!" because in Bergen, the gables are to the front, and in Trondheim, they're to the sides. Yes, I know. I noticed the darnedest things.

The three women pictured above are my fellow travelers.


Miz UV said...

Nice shots! Wish I could take a vacation...

Keera Ann Fox said...

One fine day you will. Make that one fine week. Or two. :-)

Hanne Sofie said...

OMG! Endelig "funnet igjen" bloggen din, siden det ikke var noen nye på RSS-feeden, så innbilte jeg meg at du hadde tatt blogg-pause... Helt til det plutselig slo meg at det ikke stemte helt. :-)

Nuvel, takk for at du poster så mange herlige bilder fra Trondheim!!! Savne, savne, savne... *sukk*

Var selv en snartur i Bergen i sommer (full-fart-tur med jobben), og må si at det også var en flott by. Må tilbake en gang jeg har litt bedre tid, så jeg kan utforske litt.

Fikk imidlertid til en tur med Fløibanen, og fullstendig uforberedt som jeg var på hvor sykt bratt den var, så endte det med ukontrollert gråting på nedturen. Makan... :-) Men kjekt å ha vært med på den også, da!

Keera Ann Fox said...

Der var jenta, ja! Ja, jeg byttet blogadresse og da måtte leserne mine oppdatere RSS-en.

Trondheim viste seg fra sin beste side. :-)

Hadde vært kjekt å treffe deg mens du var her, gjerne på Fløien. Hvis du vil ha personlig guide neste gang, så si fra. Min høydeskrekk bryr seg ikke om selve banen, men å stå på utsiktsplattformen er en annen sak.