Aug 11, 2008

Must. Exercise. Self-discipline.

OK, it was back to work today. Not a bad experience. (Heh.) But I do see that I need routines, and work - that is getting up and going to it - is one of them. I could spend all day in bed with a book if there was no reason to leave the house. Not a good habit. And staying in bed as long as possible is what I tend to do even when it's a workday.

So, today was my first stab at a change in morning routine, which includes getting up to listen to radio in kitchen while I eat rather than stay in bed listening for a bit before rising, which just makes me late(r) for work. And with any new habit, it has to be kept at for at least three weeks in order to actually become a habit. For that reason, I cannot sit at the computer any more this evening, so meatier stuff will have to wait till tomorrow.


Lora said...

Good luck with maintaining your new (& better) habits!

Keera Ann Fox said...

Thanks, Lora! It will take a few weeks to get the habit going, but so far, so good.