Aug 26, 2008

Finally - some pampering

Well, being home sick's OK, but it does rob me of opportunities to get something to write about. I have discovered that I miss the daily blogging (will try to fix that). At any rate, I felt well enough to go to work (after spending the night intermittently waking up to cough).

On my way to work, I ran into a neighbor who was going the wrong way: Away from the bus stop. I greeted him good morning, then asked him if it was, since he looked like he'd forgotten something - why else be headed for home? Turns out I'm not the only sick one. After wishing each other a speedy recovery, we exchanged hugs and he planted a kiss on my cheek. In spite of that risk of germ warfare, I found myself grinning for quite a while afterwards.

At work, everyone was happy to see me, as evidenced by all the teasing about how I caught my cold ("Been caught with your pants down, eh?"). At lunch I discovered what was on the employee cafeteria dinner menu for today: Meatballs with creamed peas. Yummy! The same dish I had during my vacation.

I ordered a portion, left work early (so as not to knock myself out my first day; one isn't well when a fever hits at 10 am), picked up my dinner and brought it home. Finally, some pampering! Dinner somebody else made, no dishes - and it was delicious.


alice said...

Yum! That's a lot of meatball!

Keera Ann Fox said...

Not really. :-) The sign said 3 to a customer but they were so good, I wished I could have taken 4 or 5.

Lora said...

Ooh, seems like you had a nice dinner.

I hope you get better so you can get to that daily blogging again, hehe. :)

Keera Ann Fox said...

Lora, I got shot down again, as it were. Am home sick today (again; yesterday was simply too soon to go back). But I figure I'll be back in action tomorrow, both at work and on the blog.