Aug 1, 2008


I have returned home from my roundtrip to Trondheim in connection with the celebration of St. Olav and just a general look around some of Norway's most beautiful parts. It was five days of heat, sunshine, miles and miles of roads through miles and miles of mountains, trees and farms to a couple of charming cities and some historical buildings and events.

I still haven't quite wrapped my brain around it all yet, so I'll have to focus on sorting photos (sadly, because the bus never stopped at the really gorgeous parts, I didn't get to photograph any of the truly gorgeous panoramas; I'll have to tell you in words) and reminding myself of what happened where. Only five days, but so much happened, it feels like 15.

One could say that my spirit has not yet arrived home. I am simply not here, yet, though physically my body is. My mind, however, is still in a hotel room somewhere. At a roadside café in the wilds of Norway's roof. On a bus, comparing the scenery speeding past outside to the squiggly lines of a map. Still at the ferry landing, chatting and laughing with fellow travelers over a cup decent kiosk coffee. Still inside the cathedral in Trondheim, listening to vespers.

My regular, habitual thoughts and routines have been eclipsed by my trip, happily so. And now, the partial solar eclipse that is visible as a total over the North pole area this year, is about to start here.

I will let this be an awesome Friday, in more ways than one. I'll return to a more regular schedule once normalcy has been restored. Enjoy the eclipse.


Jon said...

Sounds like a very effective vacation!

Sravana said...

Oh shit, an eclipse? No wonder I feel like hell today. :(

Oh - and welcome home! :D

alice said...

Welcome back! I'm looking forward to hearing about your trip!

Keera Ann Fox said...

Jon, it was. Completely away from the regular routine.

Sravana and Alice, thanks! I will be posting soon. I just have to figure out where to start. ;-)