Feb 12, 2008

K, 'K? 'K!

I'm getting the hang of this anniversary thing.

I'm not supposed to do anything.

At all.

Except make suggestions for the meal.

Yeah, you're asking the right person, all right. I know as much about food as I do flowers, meaning I know roses, dandelions, pizza and hamburger. I'll eat anything, but I rarely remember its name.

Anyway, a few edible items have crossed my way that tasted so good to me I actually found out what they were called. And since scallops and flan both start with a K in Norwegian, I started getting an idea for the menu: All items must start with the letter K. We will likely have a four-course meal (or five, if you include the cake that comes with the coffee). So I offered my suggestions, and put the working out of details in the capable hands of a far more food-savvy co-worker (he knows how to actually make stuff like roasts and broiled fish). Said co-worker loves the idea of all K's, too, and it has given him ideas on how to design the printed menu.

So here is a Norwegian lesson (of sorts):

Starter: Kamskjell (scallops)
Entree: Kalvefilet (filet of veal)
Palette cleanser: Something that starts with K (which my more capable co-worker can work out for me)
Dessert: Karamellpudding (flan)
Kaffe avec (café avec is the original French) which would include cordials like Kahlua and konjakk (cognac)
served with kake (cake)

I did not specify how exactly any of this should be prepared. "Surprise me!" I said, finally settling into this whole being thrown a party thing.


Sparkling Red said...

That's Krazy! ;-)

Miz UV said...


Keera Ann Fox said...

As well as kookoo!

And shouldn't that be kupkakes? ;-)