Feb 26, 2008

I successfully drew an arc

I have nothing to report, nothing to add, nothing to say, so I find myself wishing it were leap day today so I could just ignore blogging today.

It's not like absolutely nothing happens in my life or that I'm unhappy or whatever. I have a friend laid up in a hospital in Austria because on his last day of winter vacation, he got run down by a Dane on the ski slope, and got his leg and wrist broken. We've been texting each other. Funny thing is, I dreamt about running over a cat, leaving it with a broken leg.

In other news, I ate spicy noodle soup, and changed purses today, just because, and am pleased by that (and the soup). I was a bit tired of the other purse and wanted something a tad classier looking, and anyway I was looking for the lottery card, because of course, the gang at work put me in charge of purchasing the lottery tickets every 10 weeks, and for that I need the lottery card with the pin code (oh, what was that code again?) so that we don't have to monitor the lottery tickets manually. I already transferred some things from my wallet to a new coin purse and some credit card holders, but not the lottery card.

In other news, my co-worker left it up to me to draw a diagram. That's what I get for thinking out loud. "Just do a few simple boxes, no need to color them…" The customer had used PowerPoint and really wanted the arcing arrow in the finished diagram, too. It's a flow chart of sorts describing various customer services. I chose to use InDesign and in a flash of insight and memory jogging, remembered how to use the pen tool to draw an arc and added an arrowhead to. If I may say so, I'm rather pleased that I was able to do that. Arcs and arrows tend to baffle those of us who work mainly with placing text and photos. The print-out of my finished work is on my co-worker's desk so he can take it to our customer and show him on Wednesday, as promised.

And the lottery card was in my purse the whole time.


Sparkling Red said...

I was part of a lottery pool at my workplace, but the administration of it was too much for the people who set it up in the first place, so no one does it anymore. :-(

Keera Ann Fox said...

I inherited the job. I suspect by virtue of my gender, since the one I inherited it from also was female. :-)