Feb 2, 2008

Harlequin cat, argyle socks

A dream last night featured, at one point, an audience in front of a stage on which lay several cats and a couple of bunnies. The audience was free to go up on the stage and cuddle with an animal. I ended up petting a cat that was wearing a full-body stocking in a bright, multi-colored harlequin pattern. It was a very friendly cat, eagerly enjoying getting its ears rubbed.

I was trying to sort out in my headby googling if the pattern the cat was wearing was argyle or harlequin, when I remembered a funny incident in the elevator at work: I was on my way to my office on the top floor and found myself entertained by a threesome who were headed for a lower floor. The two girls were very interested in how the one guy was dressed. He was in a black shirt, black leather jacket, black pants, and black shoes, stylish and casual. One of the girls wanted to know if his socks matched his outfit. She asked the question several times. I found myself wanting to know, too. To her and my satisfaction, just as the elevator arrived on their floor, she bent down and lifted a pant leg.

He was wearing gray socks with a light pink and blue argyle pattern.


Sparkling Red said...

I would love to cuddle a cat wearing a body stocking. :-)

Keera Ann Fox said...

Honestly, I'd rather cuddle that guy with the argyle socks. ;-)