Feb 10, 2008

Feeling the love

This is the photo my co-workers chose to use on the invitation they made up for my 25th anniversary party. I'm not frowning; I'm squinting into the sun with a candy pacifier in my mouth and awful hair (for some damned reason), trying to adjust the photographer. Or the camera. I forget. This photo is from almost 10 years ago and was taken during a departmental picnic. I may not have been entirely sober, either. (That probably explains the hair.)

It's a crappy photo of me, but I love that it's used anyway.

I love that my co-workers dare use it, dare play such a joke on me, dare risk getting me mad at them. (I did try to. I can't disappoint.)

I love that I am able to shake off any upsets about not looking perfect (or even normal) on the invitation.

I love that everybody in my department is having fun with my 25th anniversary. Sometimes planning a party is as much fun as the party itself.

I love that I have the sense to appreciate my loony co-workers with their practical jokes and huge hearts.

I love that I am one of them.

And I love that I didn't have to twist my closest co-worker's arm to get this photo so I could blog about it.


Sparkling Red said...

That looks like a memory of a good time. Way to rock the candy pacifier. :-)

Rebecca said...

You have a great sense of humor... and are a good sport. Way to go! :)

Sravana said...

I, for one, love the photo.
And, yes, that is some major love stuff you got there. You go, grrl!

Oh, and happy 25th anniversary, Keera. ;)

chanpheng said...

That's a pretty cute photo!

Keera Ann Fox said...

Gawd, you people are as bad as my co-workers!!!

And I love you for it!