Feb 18, 2008

Blood types here and there

A blood drive at work (I didn't participate at this time) offered some trivia about the distribution of blood types, which got me thinking. I gave blood a couple of times back when I lived in California, so I knew my blood type (O) was very common and very much in demand. I was therefore surprised to learn of the high number of type A's in Norway.

While hunting for the US statistics, I learned that the majority of the A's in Norway live in the northern part of the country. So I looked up the statistics for the Sami people, who live primarily north of the arctic circle:

People/per centType OType AType BType AB
USA (whites)4540114
Norway (Norwegians)394984
Sami (Lapps)296344

The distribution for Danes, Swedes and Finns is pretty similar to the Norwegians. The Icelanders, however, show a very clear preference for type O. My own blood type seems to be influenced by my British Isle ancestry.


Sparkling Red said...

Very interesting! My blood type is B+, which I like because it's like a motto I carry inside me: Be Positive!

Keera Ann Fox said...

Cute! Too bad I'm a positive, too, or I could claim "Zero negative". ;-)