Nov 23, 2007

The perfect gadget!

I am never the first one to jump on the gadget bandwagon. I was not the first to buy an iPod, the iPod I do have must be four years old by now and doesn't do color, photos or video, and I am not likely to buy an iPhone. But the Amazon Kindle e-Book Reader is definitely a gadget I want! I rarely fall for something the moment I see it but I did this time.

It's small. It holds 200 books or something. I can read all I want, where I want, and not clutter my nightstand, my purse or my bookshelves! It requires no computer and interfaces to download like a cell phone. I am so sold!

But should I buy it? Will it work in Norway? It's a bit pricy, but the dollar is at an all-time low compared to the Norwegian krone, so now's a good time to buy.

I think that first I need to finish reading all the information on the explanatory page. I've seen only the little introductory video so far. Oh, and I have to wipe the drool off my keyboard.

UPDATE: Time to let you guys know how I heard of the Kindle. It also addresses some of the criticism showing up in my comments.


Sravana said...

Evidently it's gotten some pretty poor reviews (don't remember where I read that).


Keera Ann Fox said...

In the over 600 reviews/comments on Amazon's own page, maybe? ;-)

For now, it's a moot point. The service is not available for people without a US billing address for their credit card.

Still, I'm looking forward to something similar becoming available outside the US/globally.

alice said...

I dunno -- I read the link and got pretty excited about the possibilities (I especially like the ability to subscribe to newspapers, magazines and blogs, in addition to getting books!)... and then the sticker shock took over.

At $10 a pop, if I can fit over 200 books on the kindle, after spending $400 on the device itself, I'm going to be into this thing for another $2000 if I use it to its intended capacity. And that's for a bunch of books that will go **poof** if anything ever happens to the device. And that doesn't take into consideration all the plans they seem to have for nickel and diming me to death over every little thing.

I'll be watching to see how the early adopters feel about once they've had time to play with it a bit (and have had to pay a few bills).

Keera Ann Fox said...

Actually, Amazon keeps a back-up up all your downloads so you can't lose anything you've paid for. As for your other comments, see the update to this post. ;-)