Nov 16, 2007

Facebook, part 2

Facebook is rather obscure. It could have answered my questions "why" and "why register" itself, if it had bothered to put this bit of text from its privacy policy on its main page somewhere:

Facebook is about sharing information with others — friends and people in your networks — while providing you with privacy settings that restrict other users from accessing your information. We allow you to choose the information you provide to friends and networks through Facebook. Our network architecture and your privacy settings allow you to make informed choices about who has access to your information.

Yes, I finally signed up. No, it's not obvious to me that registering equals being able to set privacy settings, or what "privacy settings" are. Registering on Facebook itself means giving private info (like full name and birthdate) to something public. OK, so my neurons travel in crazy wormholes. Point is, Alice's mention that she finds out about local events via Facebook was the clincher: over 140,000 400,000 Norwegians (out of a population of 4.5 million) have signed up, so that means that someone must know what's going on in Bergen.

And who knows... Maybe there's another old friend waiting for me out there?


alice said...

That reminds me! Take a scroll through my friends list -- you might see a person or two that you'd like to put on your own!

Keera Ann Fox said...

Thanks for the tip! I found another a.a. alumni via Beep's page.