Nov 18, 2007

A different horoscope

The above is sun sign astrology, but it uses keywords and phrases I haven't come across before, and is breaks with the stereotype. The above fits me, with a few exceptions: "Nice to everyone" is a goal not a fact (I'm still too irritable), and I am definitely not soft-spoken. Also, I'm not sure about being romantic (though I am a sucker for a happy ending, in both movies and real life). As for being rare and wonderful if found, let me know about that one if you find me, 'K?

(Via Paula.)


Sravana said...

Very interesting!
I just posted mine at spiritspeaks - I think it's fairly accurate for me, too.
Must be a mix of horoscope + numerology. I'm going to try it a second time using my middle name as well.

Keera Ann Fox said...

I already checked. :-) That's why I pointed out that it is sun sign astrology.

Jefe said...

Great in sex?

Keera Ann Fox said...

Hey, I don't write the stuff. I just do my best to live up to it. ;-)

(They probably meant "great in bed" then thought not everybody does it in bed, maybe least of all Sagittarians, and, uh, I'll stop there.)