Nov 4, 2007

Ack, trivial pursuit!

I'm supposed to be writing a novel. So what happens? My curiosity, as usual, gets the better of me and I end up delightedly poking around in this map and blogpost. So Rivendell was in Norway... That puts an interesting slant on things.

And in other news: The Indians almost had a state. I didn't know that about Oklahoma's history.

I tripped over the above thanks to a friend's (hi, Max!) linkage to this illustrative painting of Norway, Europe, and Norway's relationship with water.

Do read the comments to the above blogposts. Very informative.

Now, could somebody please come and tear me loose from strange maps? I really must write my novel. Thanks.


M said...

Hey, you!

Yes, the Indians almost had a state. Part of the problem was that the tribes sided with the Confederates during the Civil War, which is why they got smacked with the Treaty of 1866. Since those are the relatives (I had ancestors on the Trail of Tears) I've still not happy about it. (That's why I lived near the Red River, or vice versa; all settlers moved and near to OK and married various Injuns. So I am part Cherokee and Chickasaw and whatnot.)

Bonus points: The state of Oklahoma was born November 16th, 1907, precisely 60 years before my birthday.

Now get back to work on that novel, you, and I'll go work on my math homework.

['Strange maps is great, innit?']

Keera Ann Fox said...

I went looking for info on Trail of Tears and discovered that it is also a Norwegian band. And I know you're also part Norwegian.

Now, let's see if I can remember you on your birthday. :-)

max said...

Don't worry about my birthday! Sheesh!

But yes: Nordmann and Injun and Irish. So Trail of Tears works for me!

['The band, that is.']