Jan 20, 2007

The Pizza and the Mushrooms

One of my childhood memories is of home-made pizza. My mother would make pizza from scratch. Very tasty pizza.

Her challenge was a husband that loved mushrooms on his pizza and a daughter who didn't. My mother's solution (she should run the UN): Sometimes a pizza with mushrooms, and I've have to pick them off my slices (very annoying); sometimes a pizza completely without mushrooms and my father a bit grumpy about having to concede to a kid; sometimes a pizza that was half-and-half and my mother sternly reminding us to pay attention to which half we were grabbing a slice from because she wasn't going to listen to any complaining. (It fascinated me no end that my mother had no preference. She ate either type, equally happily.)

Now I love mushrooms on my pizza. Absolutely! They are as much a mainstay of the pizza as is the dough, the tomato paste and the cheese. I discovered that PJ feels the same way, right down to the proper consistency of the mushrooms: Canned. Why canned? Well, head on over to PJ's and find out.


PJ said...

When my kids were young, we had a tradition -- I always made homemade pizza every Saturday night. And in our house, people liked it all different kinds of ways so I can relate to your story. One person wantd mushrooms, one didn't, one wanted pepperoni, one wanted onions and green peppers, yadda yadda. So I made two pizzas and marked the individual sections with toothpicks. It was challenging, but everybody was happy. :-)

Keera Ann Fox said...

I think my mother was lucky we weren't pickier eaters (or that there were more of us). :-)