Jan 21, 2007

Meet one of the neighbors

Here is the white cat from an earlier post. She approached me, curious and friendly. She has lovely light hazel eyes and the tiniest ears. Her tail feels really thick with all that fur.

As I was petting her, a teenage boy walked by, with something clicking on him (keys around neck, perhaps?) and the cat crouched down. I'm not sure if it's males or sounds that get to her.


Sravana said...

What a gorgeous cat!

It reminds me of a colleague of mine, who had a cat like that named Dixie. Janet was always a mess at the symphony (where she was Principal Flute), because her concert black clothes were covered in white cat hair!


Keera Ann Fox said...

I can actually relate. Sammy's white hairs were on everything dark I owned.

Paula said...

Wow, she's beautiful! I haven't seen a snow-white cat in ages.

Keera Ann Fox said...

Neither have I, nor one as long-haired.

Mark said...

I haven't seen one with marbles for eyes either. How does she see where she's going? Seeing-eye doggie?


She is beautiful.

Keera Ann Fox said...

Silly boy. Cats see with cat's-eyes, of course. That's why you see cats dashing in front of cars on dark streets; they're scouting for the little reflector thingys, which is best done with headlights.

This one's eyes were actually like marbles. I hope to get a better picture some day.