Oct 7, 2006

New coffee maker

New coffee maker   —  Originally uploaded by thinkbigshrinktofit

I was in the store looking for a space heater come winter and saw this cute little thing. "Is that an espresso maker or just a regular coffee maker?" The answer was that it was a regular coffee maker with a capacity of two cups. Perfect for single me!

When I got home, I went shopping for coffee. I had a coffee meme recently, and was reminded of one of the questions ("Do you have complicated taste?"), as I browsed the shelf for filter coffee. I saw a green bag of organically grown coffee. Yes, definitely! And then immediately saw the Max Havelaar brand of coffee, a "fair trade" brand that means more money to the coffee grower, not the middleman. Choices, choices. I went with Max Havelaar. If I don't like it, I'll try the organically grown next time.

My second choice of coffee was Swiss chocolate and mint, which is what's in my souvenier mug from San Francisco now as I type. I thought it looked good with my new coffee maker.


Paula said...

Very nice! I confess I've been drinking full-caff coffee again (and diet Coke). Going off caffeine seemed to have helped my headaches for a while, but then not so much. Pointless to avoid it for no benefit.

Keera said...

Thanks! It's fast, too. I wonder if it'll change my workday drinking habits. I usually drink coffee at home only on weekends.

alice said...

Pretty! I don't see blue appliances very often!

I still buy coffee (for Greg), even though I don't drink it, and it's a real trick. I've found a store in town that sells fair trade, organic, shade grown coffee that smells wonderful. And it's not all that much more expensive -- about as much as the other premium coffees.

Keera said...

My choice was blue or white and white would be boring. It's a gorgeous shade of blue, anyway, and makes using the contraption appealing.

I didn't check the price of the "regular" coffees, but the organic and fair trade ones were only pennies apart in price. My Sunday morning started with a cup of fair trade coffee. Tastes good!

alice said...

Tastes good, PLUS there's all kinds of good karma!

I loves the good karma!

Keera said...

I do do my musings about those sorts of connections. :-)