Oct 7, 2006

Huddling at the bus stop

What I saw waiting for the bus   —  Originally uploaded by thinkbigshrinktofit

The norm for autumn in this part of the world is driving rain. It's "slash-and-drench". I had a number of parcels to lug home from shopping today, and had managed to find a seat in the bus shelter. The pictures shows the view I had.

The woman in a black coat in front of me had a rucksack purse, and the edging on a zipper pocket had turned up, allowing a little bit of water to pool on her purse. That held my fascination for a while, making my wait nearly zen.

People variously had umbrellas or nothing, and were variously more or less dry or more or less wet. Quietly they stood still, or quietly they chatted, waiting for a gas-fueled chance to get out of the rain. It was more hushed than on a sunny day - like a low-pressure system means low-key behavior. I too was waiting, sitting in my red rubber boots, parcels on my lap piled to my chin, and realized that I actually enjoyed this. The rain, the puddles, the huddles, the community that comes from sharing the whims of the weather.

It had been a long time since the last time, way back before summer. Today's gray wetness was like an old friend coming back to visit.


Tim said...

I love dark, rainy weather. Pookie always said I was a bit of a vampire, but I never liked brightness that much. At least, not until around March, when I've had enough of slushy, grey, leafless winter. I jump at any chance to view the stars, though, no matter the temperature.

Jeff K said...

Gray and wet in Colorado today too, which is rare here. I love it.

Keera said...

I function better in sunny weather, but in this case, I loved the change, the real feel for fall, and even some past memories of wet days on a packed schoolbus with someone's dripping book-bag getting close enough for me to smell it.

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

It is grey and damp in Louisiana. Not so cold though, I think it may be a little over 20C here.

I wish it were cold, I love the changing of seasons.

Mark said...

When is that goddamned bus gonna come so you can get home and write a new post???

Keera said...

Oh, my, it has been a while, hasn't it.