Oct 5, 2006

How to make yourself break into a sweat

  1. At work, upgrade the OS on your computer. Make sure you have rush jobs. Discover that things don't work quite as expected any more and the tower under your desk has a new ticking sound. Things stop working, one by one.
  2. In your netbank, close out a bank account, the one with the most money in it, by closing the account and transferring the funds to another existing account as one operation. Watch all references to the old account disappear completely while the money it had has not yet made into the new account. Wonder if you typed the correct account number. Panic. Think comforting thoughts like, "Stupid bank!"
  3. Re-install the previous version of the OS on your computer at work. Discover that you can no longer log-in even though you have system administrator privileges. Run all the diagnostics you can think of, restart in UNIX mode and type in the one command you remember once helped you on another computer. Listen to the processor rev up so high that it starts to sound scary so you actually decide to leave the room just to calm your nerves. Get somewhat excited at the prospect of the computer actually blowing up.
  4. Think about the increased adrenaline you've been giving yourself lately and why and get your heart racing all over again.

Fortunately, the money is now where it's supposed to be (and I won't do it quite like that again if I ever close another account), and tech support is sending someone tomorrow morning first thing to fix my computer.

How have your last 24 hours been?


Tim said...

Welcome to my world. Sounds (not specifically) like an average run-of-the-mill day for me. These are the sort of things that scare me about digital / virtual banking. One day we're going to regret that jump in technology.

Then again, sweating cools your body down. :D

Mark said...

And yet you guys scoffed at my checkwriting!

Who's laughing now, eh? ;o)>

Glad to hear it's working out, Keera!

Tim said...

Scoff? I've never scoffed, sir. I just noticed the fossils forming around the check system . . . ok, that was mean.

No, I think there has to be a better system than either checks or virtual banking, I just haven't figured out what that is - yet. I will come up with something, then perhaps I'll share the millions. :)

Keera said...

Aside from the fact that we haven't used checks in Norway in ages (we use debet cards), I still prefer netbanking. Why? Because today's banks have that "customer friendly" crap where everyone can see and hear your business (and how much cash you're getting) as you stand at some "service island" where everyone can see and hear you. If I'm handling thousands of dollars at once, I prefer to do so discretely. It's very discrete around my computer at home. Not much financial advice or verifications of transactions, but discrete.

Anonymous said...

Oj... Stakkar deg.

Keera said...

Ja, hvis ikke andre plager meg, plager jeg meg selv. Idjot. ;-)

Sravana said...

Wow. sounds like my days sitting listening to a professor drone on with an indecipherable chinese accent are actually relaxing!

I hope the computer survived?

Keera said...

Computer's all fixed and all is right with the world. Again. Still. For now. ;-)