Oct 3, 2006

Blogging about a six word story

I came across the idea of a six word story here and she got it from a Flickr group. Apparantly, Ernest Hemingway wrote one: "For sale: baby shoes, never used." And I have to say, that's a damned good story. Now to think up some of my own. Check out the comments at the above two sites for other people's "stories".

My own pathetic attempts:

Thinking about it, she thought otherwise.
Outwardly they laughed; inwardly they loathed.
She almost knew what she wanted.
History as written is always false.
I stole that without getting caught.
She went to a conference overseas.
Blogging about a six word story.

Your turn!


Jeff K said...

The dress didn't fit her anymore.
His ring slipped off too easily.
Her letter sat unopened for days.
They were clowns filled with fury.

Paula said...

My world ended with a bang.

Keera said...

He got the dead guy's job.
She never read his love letter.