Jun 6, 2006

Still on strike

Whitsund weekend in Norway means Monday off, so today it's back to business as normal. Except for me, for those of us on strike. I woke up this morning, to a regular Tuesday, and thought, "I'm not going to work. I'm still on strike." I think the best way to describe the feeling I have about this is limbo. We are waiting for a resolution, but can do nothing in the meantime (we regular members, at least) and so: limbo.

I read the online news and everyone's concerned about the banks and banking system stopping as of Monday June 12 because of the lock-out. No paycheck, no vacation pay (by law in Norway we get vacation pay, usually in June), no using ATMs or paying by debit or credit card in stores. This means the government will step in very quickly, which is what management wants. By Friday, I'll transfer some funds, take out some extra cash, and wait some more. Our union has a lot of money saved up so I will get full compensation for this strike. I have no financial worries in all of this.

I hope we win, though. I hope none of this will be for nought.

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