Jun 17, 2006


I heard them before I saw them, but that's typical of starlings. The dark, shiny ones are the parents, hunting for food, and feeding it to the lighter, duller ones, which are their constantly hungry youngsters. The adults get a bit stressed out, as you'll notice in the video that the photo links to. If you have PMS, turn off the sound first. ;-)


alice said...

Cool! The video reminds me of when grackles invade the neighborhood -- they're always so LOUD!

Keera said...

The way starlings appear in huge, noisy flocks do make them stand out compared to the solo performances of other birds.

Sravana said...

Is it just me, or does it seem that Hitchcock used the sound of starlings in "The Birds"?

eerie sound, that.

Yes, we have them around here, but they aren't that noisy, for some reason. Don't worry, we have grackles to take up the slack.. :P

Keera said...

Re Hitchcock: According to IMDb: "The sound of reel-to-reel tape being run backwards and forwards was used to help create the frightening bird squawking sounds in the film."