Jun 2, 2006


This morning from 8 to 10 am I stood in a picket "line" with a few co-workers in front of my place of work. Today was a cloudy, rainy day and after two hours of standing still, we were all feeling a bit chilly. There just wasn't much to do for two hours. We didn't demand to see ID or anything from the few unorganized or exempted who did pass to go to work. We chitchatted about this and that and the strike, and one unorganized cafeteria employee brought us coffee, the sweet girl.

So we stood outside the locked, main entrance (locked because the entire reception staff was also on strike) and were essentially ignored. I talked the whole time, so I enjoyed myself (ha!).

The pictures show (above) my boss (at right) and some others getting vests and leaflets, and (below) four of us all suited up, ready to bombard the public with leaflets (yeah, right. What public?). I'm the creature on the left wearing what looks like a misguided Goth outfit (actually my black lacquer raincoat) thanks to the vest. See my nice red rainboots?


alice said...

That's quite the ensemble! I like it! ;-)

Sravana said...

Keera! You've let your hair grow long!

Ahem. I went for a long time between cuts, and when I went in, I had them cut it short. Big mistake (though I get compliments on it). Let's just say that my hair-to-face ratio is effed.

Anyway, love the goth look! Hope you didn't get chilled.

Keera said...

Compared to how short it was one year ago, yeah. It's currently all jaw-length. I'm continuing to let it grow because I liked how I looked with shoulder-length. I want to try that again.

That coat is wonderful in this weather! The inside lining is faux python, BTW. ;-)

Sravana said...

Faux python? Sounds cold!

Keera said...

Faux fur lining in animal print a la python.

Snakes aren't cold, BTW. They are cold-blooded, which is a different matter. A snake in a warm and dry climate is itself warm and dry. I should know. I held one. :-)

max said...

Ya'll look like yer goin' duck huntin'.

['If you wing any managers, be sure to finish 'em off.']

Keera said...

My managers are actually good quackers: In our company, we already have the right to co-decide our pension and group plans. It's the other(s) birds. Some are seagulls: "Mine, mine, mine!" (The one true-to-life scene in "Finding Nemo".)