Jun 15, 2006

13 rather ordinary things UV's never done (and some of mine)

Over on Paula's UltraViolet blog, she muses over 13 rather ordinary things she's never done. I read her list and suddenly, my life doesn't feel quite so ordinary. To my own surprise.

1. Skiied (snow or H2O). I've done both. Snowwise, I've done both cross-country and downhill, the latter in both Norway and California. My one try at water-skiing also left me with one helluva sunburn. I don't do either type any more.

2. Drunk a martini. Sure. I was curious. So a friend and I had martinis on the ferry to Denmark. And Paula, dear, you haven't missed much. G&T's are way better!

3. Cheated on my taxes. Yes, in a minor way: I didn't report all the cash in my home as of December 31st (partly due to never knowing exactly how much cash I have at any given time). But I don't cheat on my taxes any more, nor am I no longer required to report cash on hand.

4. Shot a gun. Well, not shot, but definitely fired. ;-) On two different occassions, even. It was fun! Nope, wouldn't want to own one, but I do get the fascination with trying to control an item to the point that you can actually hit the target.

5. Gone fishing. Er, holding the rod yourself or what? At any rate, I have gone fishing on more than one occassion, though I was not necessarily the one holding the rod. (I have been the one holding the bait.) Twice I brought home something for the cat.

6. Cooked a roast. Does watching your mother cook one count? I guess not.

7. Ridden a motorcycle. Moped. As a passenger. Whee! Would like to try actually driving a motorcycle some time, though.

8. Had a pedicure. LOL!

9. Done cocaine. Me, neither. And that answer won't change.

10. Watched Oprah. Gee, I've watched loads of Oprah. But not any more. I don't like the vibes she's been sending off this last season.

11. Been to a funeral. Be grateful. I've been to five now. They aren't depressing; what they represent is, though.

12. Changed a tire (or a tyre). Well, I once got started changing a tire when a friend got a flat, and did remember how to jack up a car but we forgot one important thing and broke our jack. Luckily, a nice man stopped to help us (and have me worried he was going to have a heart attack). Oh, the important thing? Setting the handbrake!

13. Visited Europe. Me neither. Each time I came to visit, I ended up residing here. ;-)

Now to add a couple of mine to the mix:

14. Wallpapered a wall.
15. In-line skating.
16. Been to a wedding. (The one I was at age 10, which I slept through, can't possibly count.)
17. Broken a bone.
18. Sprained an ankle.
19. Lost luggage.
20. Fixed a leaky faucet.

Some of these I want to do; some (17, 18 and 19) I'm counting on will never happen.

UPDATE: And now for some from Max's list:

Been legally married (me neither),
been in college (I had two years of junior college),
had a kid (me neither),
been a member of a church (that I've done),
been in the hospital or the bin (in hospital as a baby for one night due to a high fever),
been deeply concerned with my career (what's a career?),
owned a house (no, but I do own my apartment),
played decent music (heh, well, back when I could pick a guitar I wasn't too bad, and I could sing too at one time),
felt like I belonged (oh, that. Just pick a constellation and never mind the other humans).
Oh, and no piercings (I have the usual in earlobes),
tattoos (me neither),
ballroom dancing (I love doing that!),
or bridge (sure, but I prefer Canasta)
and I haven't been to a SPA (me neither; I need to be convinced it isn't as boring as it sounds)!
I've had a mohawk tho. (My hair has never been extreme or weird.)


Paula said...

LOL @ shot/fired! I've done your 14-18. Used to sprain my ankles all the time as a kid. Not fun.

Keera said...

See, you have done something relatively ordinary. :-) I know sprained ankles are very common but I must have strong ankles. One of things you'll hear about downhill skiing is that it is a strain on the ankles. I never felt that.