May 14, 2006

Trying something new every week

At the end of April, I decided to make a point of doing something new at least once a week. I wanted to break out of my mold, avoid more boring weekends, and also see if I couldn't meet people. I have been acting like an introvert for a quite a few years now, and I've decided that I need to reach out and get some social skills.

So, in addition to the International Worker's Day parade, I attended the monthly member meeting of our union's local, and got a free treatment through an organisation and system started by a Norwegian, called Still Point. The consultant "read" me using a pendulum and dripped various tinctures under my tongue. After an hour and a half of tuning my physical, causal and astral selves (the areas that he said needed tuning), I got ready to leave. The thing is, the treatment center is on the second floor of what was essentially a boathouse, and access was via a winding metal staircase with grated steps and landings. Another woman there for a treatment did not like those stairs and neither did I, but I felt good, and kept looking up and got up without trouble. But when I was leaving, I stepped out onto the grate landing and looked down. I looked down at the ground more than a story below me right under my feet and felt no fear, no vertigo, no "draw". I have never been able to do that before. I started down the stairs, looked straight down again, and again, no fear, no reaction. I turned around and ran back in to tell the consultant that apparantly my fear of heights was cured! Then I happily went down those stairs.

Today I took my new camera out for its first outdoor trial. A young couple came walking with their very eager beagle. I thought it was such a joyous and attractive dog, I considered asking them to let me take its picture. However, I felt uncomfortable about that. As they past me, the dog got distracted by a lamppost just a few feet from me. I realized I had an opportunity, and asked the couple if I could take some pictures as I had a new camera. They agreed. I got a good shot and ended up very happy I had asked.


alice said...

Awwwwwwww!!!!! I wanna rub his/her tummy!!! :-D

Keera said...

Exactly! She's 18 months old, and her name is Candy (not sure of spelling). Very appropriate!