May 12, 2006

New camera has arrived!

I bought a Canon PowerShot S2 IS via mail order and picked it up today. (Yay!) The above is my very first picture taken with it - without reading the manual (just to see how intuitive the camera is) or installing software (yay, iPhoto!). Yeah, I know, it's out of focus. So here's my second picture taken with my new camera:

The photos are reduced in size, but otherwise unretouched. Now, to go read the manual and maybe install some Canon software since iMovie can't recognize a USB-camera. My intuitiveness has taken me only so far.


alice said...

woot! I'm looking forward to seeing more photos than ever AND jealous!

Keera said...

You've got that backwards. I'm jealous of you; you have such talent. Who do you think made me want a zoom to take pictures of birdies with? ;-)